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What Costs Can You Eliminate?

20 Sep

“Come on, I’m a broke college kid.” Do you ever find yourself saying this as you rummage through your parents’ pantry before heading back after a visit home? College can be tough. Here you are, expected to act like an (almost) adult without an adult salary. You may have taken out student loans or work a part-time job to cover some of your expenses. There’s rent to pay, food to buy, textbooks you need… So yeah, you probably do not feel like the richest person. You have probably thought about your budget and monitor your money so you can make all your monthly payments. What happens when you feel like you might want a little bit more, though? You may be maxed out with school and work and cannot fit many more hours in, but there may be some things you can cut out. Some routine and monthly expenses are sometimes unnecessary and really add up in the long-term. Try cutting out one or more of these items to save money, and see if you miss them after a month!

Cut cable. If you live in an apartment and have to pay for your own cable, consider cutting it and see if it really affects you or not. Chances are you are so busy with school and everything else, that you probably watch that TV a lot less than you think you do. Plus, many channels now put their latest shows online to watch, and with all of the streaming services available, there are still many ways to watch shows and movies.

Cancel the gym membership. If you had a gym membership back home or maybe opened one somewhere in the Lafayette area, try to cancel it and go to the co-rec instead. You can access the co-rec any time and not pay a dime for it!

Look at your subscriptions. There is nothing wrong with having Netflix or Hulu, especially if it is your substitute for cable. However, it is helpful to list out all of your monthly subscriptions, and even compare with people close to you. Do you have many monthly services? List them out from what you use most to what you use least, and see what happens when you cut out that service you use least. Then, compare with others. Are you and your roommate both paying for Netflix? Consider splitting the cost and each having your own separate profile on the same account. Or, maybe one of you can subscribe to Netflix, and the other can subscribe to Hulu, so you have access to more for less.

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Delete apps. Sometimes, one of the simplest ways to cut out a drain on your wallet is to simply delete some apps from your phone. When you are bored, do you find everything you didn’t know you needed on Amazon? Do you scroll through Pinterest, discover an amazing clothes store you didn’t know existed, and end up $200 deep in the end? Deleting apps that allow you to spend money will leave you with more spare cash and also more spare time that is technology-free.

Change some rituals. Do you and your friends end up at the Cactus every Thursday? Do you have a weekly lunch date at Taco Bell? Even though there are plenty of cheap drinks and food on campus, do not let that fool you. Going out to eat or having more than a few drinks every week can add up faster than you think. Go out and have fun, but if you are feeling like you have been spending a little too much lately, possibly suggest a cheaper alternative to your friends. Maybe you can have a taco night and make tacos in your kitchen, or have a drink during a movie night at home. Chances are your friends will be relieved to be able to save some money, too.

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Determine what is necessary. Be honest with yourself. Do you need to have ad-free Pandora, or is it just nice to have it? Some services are so convenient, but are also not absolutely needed. Muster up your patience and get ready to listen to some ads!

Pinpoint the times you spend the most money. It’s game day! You buy your football ticket, get a new shirt to wear to the game, and get a soda and hot dog while you are there. You need to Uber back to your apartment and because it is peak-time in West Lafayette during a game, you spend an easy $40 on that Uber. Sound familiar? If there are certain events you attend where you just spend more money, try to come up with a plan before going, no matter what kind of event it is. Do you need another Purdue shirt (even though we all always want them!)? Did you have a chance to eat before the game so you weren’t as hungry? If you are taking an Uber, can you leave slightly earlier or later to avoid that peak-time fee? You do not have to cut it all out, but eliminating just one of those expenditures can leave you feeling a lot better about your money situation!

Examine your daily routine. If you do not change the temperature or turn off all the lights when you leave your place, do it! If you run the dishwasher half-full, wait until it is completely full to run it. Take shorter showers if you find yourself taking an hour. Because you do not read the meter or measure the water you use, it may be easy to just not really care about these small habits. Being more conscientious can drastically change the number you see on your bill, though.

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What else have you cut out that helped you save money? Tell us your strategies and have fun saving, Boilermakers!

The 19-20 FAFSA

18 Sep

Even though the 18-19 school year has just begun, it is already time to start thinking about being prepared for the 19-20 school year! Mainly, getting ready to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA for next school year opens up on October 1st. It is a routine task for many of you at this point, but there are always common questions that come up about filing the FAFSA. We’ll answer them here, and address some important information about this upcoming year’s FAFSA.

 Do I have to file the FAFSA every year? Yes. If you received any form of aid last year, it will not automatically be transferred over from year to year. The FAFSA will need to be completed for each year you are in school.

Should everyone file the FAFSA? While not required for college attendance, it is always recommended to file the FAFSA. The FAFSA, in many cases, does not just make you eligible for federal aid, but also determines your eligibility for state and institutional aid. Even if you do not plan on taking out federal loans, file the FAFSA anyway! You may qualify for a scholarship from your school that requires FAFSA information.

Where do I file the FAFSA? To file the FAFSA, visit You will need your FSA ID to log in. If you have previously filed a FAFSA, use that same ID. It is usually an email address for the username, and then your password. Since the site is not one you may regularly log on to, passwords can easily be forgotten, but the website also makes it pretty easy to change your password as well.

Federal Student Aid also developed an app this year, so you can actually complete the FAFSA on your phone or tablet! The app also allows you to view your student loan and aid history, manage your profile, and more. It is called myStudentAid, and can be found on iTunes and the Google Play store.

When is the FAFSA due? Purdue’s priority filing date is March 1st, so if you are a Purdue student, submit it by then! Other colleges and states have their own priority dates. You can check them out here.

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What do I need to file my FAFSA? You will need your school codes (this is how your information is sent to different schools) and the items on the FAFSA checklist. Purdue’s school code is 001825, and you can find out school codes for other institutions by clicking here. If you are simply returning to Purdue, you will just need Purdue’s school code. If you are an incoming freshman and need to send it to multiple schools, put in school codes for the colleges you are interested in attending. The online form allows you to enter 10 schools, but you can also add more later.

The FAFSA checklist may seem a bit daunting, but it really isn’t that bad. Many families have been able to use the IRS data retrieval tool to transfer tax information right to the FAFSA instead of typing it all in and worrying about mistakes. The FAFSA also uses tax information from the prior prior year, meaning it will be information from two years before. The 19-20 FAFSA will use tax information from 2017, for example. This allows families and individuals to come into the FAFSA better prepared, since most people have already filed 2017 taxes.

What can I do if I have questions while filing the FAFSA? There are always resources available if you are unsure of something on the FAFSA and need some help. College Goal Sunday, Indiana’s largest FAFSA filing event, will take place at locations throughout the state on October 28th and February 24th, including Lafayette. You can find all locations here. Financial aid experts offer free FAFSA filing help to students and families during this event. You may also want to check with your high school guidance counselor if you are an incoming freshman, as they often have resources to guide you. Whether a current or prospective student, you can always contact Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid at 765-494-5050,, or by walking into Schleman Room 305.


October 1st is just around the corner. Happy FAFSA filing!

Saving on Technology

13 Sep

In college and your career, you will be using lots of technology. While some of you may remember (or at least have heard about) how clunky and uncommon cell phones and computers used to be, technology is woven into the fabric of our lives now. It is a staple for both work and play, and we end up spending a lot of money on it. Yet that is not always what a college student will want to spare every last penny on. If you are looking for ways to save on technology, read on.

Skip the upgrade. When you need to replace your phone or any other piece of technology, it is easy to be roped into buying the shiniest, newest model on the market. That will also be the most expensive model available, too. Whether you use iPhone or an Android, often the newest models of the popular phones really do not have that many different features than the model before that. To save money, you can still get a newer phone, but just do not get the newest phone. No one will even be able to tell the difference, including you.

Image result for iphone

Research products. When you are in the market for any piece of technology, it will not be helpful to walk into the store with no idea of what you want. You might end up buying something more expensive than you need. Whether it’s a camera, computer, or TV, look at what is on sale and research different models. Make sure you are getting the features you need and that you have found a product at a price you are comfortable with. You do not have to have it narrowed down to only one choice when you go to buy, but having an idea of what is out there will prevent impulse buying or purchasing something with unneeded features.

Sell your old technology. If you take good care of your phones and computers, you may be able to get some money back for them. Many cell phone carriers will actually take your phone if it is in good condition and give you a credit toward your upgrade. You can also sell to friends or post your product online. Your unwanted technology may be a treasure to someone else! You can then use the money you made toward the new technology you want.

Wait for sales. If you are looking at a time of year where there may be a big holiday weekend coming up (think Black Friday), it might be smart to wait and see what the sales will be. Technology prices fluctuate all the time so if the product you want is not on sale at the moment, it just might be the next week.

Image result for laptop in college

Search for discounts. Many stores may offer a student discount or have a great coupon out there if you take the time to look. Scour the coupon sites and always ask every store if they give student discounts. Even a small percentage can make a big difference when you are buying a laptop or TV.

Purchase refurbished. Buying refurbished is one of the cheapest ways to get a basically brand new product. Refurbished products go through inspections and testing to ensure that you are getting the quality of a new gadget, so do not shy away from the “R” word. It may be the best bang for your buck!

Don’t assume that popular = best. Of course many well-known brands live up to their expectations, which is why people are loyal customers. However, the most popular product is not always necessarily the best. Often, people pay for the name in a product when there may be a lesser-known brand out there that has an equal or better product that is cheaper. This ties into doing your research. There is no right or wrong and you should again purchase what makes you happy, but do not rule out a product in your search just because it is not the most popular brand. You may be the one to start a trend!

Technology will always be part of our lives, but doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive part of our lives. Happy deal hunting, Boilermakers!

Boilermaker Study Tips

12 Sep

Now that the year is in full swing, you have probably already had exams or have some on the horizon. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where, when, and even how to study. You have to develop a plan that works for you, but here are some tips to get you thinking!

 Study where you can focus. Sometimes the hardest part about studying is finding a spot where you can be productive. Some people prefer quiet environments, while others need background music or chatter. There is no right or wrong way or location. If you like the traditional library setting, check out WALC, HSSE, Hicks, or any other library on campus. Most libraries on campus are very quiet, so you will be able to focus. If you are feeling the need to branch out, you could try a coffee shop, outside study by one of the fountains, or any restaurant that has Wi-Fi (Panera, McDonald’s, etc.).

Image result for purdue fountain

Move around. Research suggests that switching study spots may be one of the best ways for you to remember information. When you go from your desk, to the coffee shop, to the library, you are forming new associations with the same material and it becomes a stronger memory.

Form a study group. Do you know some people in your classes? Study with them! You will often all catch different information and have different learning styles, so helping each other out may make your study experience more in-depth. It can also be a bit more fun to study with people, as you can go out to eat, cook something together at your apartment, etc. Studying will end up feeling less like a chore. Don’t have people in your class to study with? You can still study by a friend or roommate, and even have them quiz you. Even if you are not studying for the same exams, sometimes just being around someone else who is studying will help you focus more.

Write it. Is there something you feel like you are not grasping or might forget on the exam? Write it! Research shows that we store information better in our brains when we write it out versus typing. Write what you think you may forget ten times and see how you feel after.

Image result for writing

Attend office hours/study sessions. There is never harm in asking your professors and TAs how to successfully study for an exam. Bring what confuses you to light and ask questions. Many professor offer study sessions where they will go over concepts and answer questions for you, even giving hints on what to pay special attention to.

Block out some time. Everyone is different. You may want to block out several hours in one chunk to get your studying for the day done, or you may want to break it up in shorter time periods. Whatever works for you, just make sure you have some set free time to devote to studying. Knowing that you have the time to study will take away the stress that comes with cramming.

Reward yourself. Maybe you will treat yourself to dinner out after studying for 2 hours. Maybe you will allow yourself to eat an M&M after each paragraph you read. Whatever you decide, having rewards in place can motivate you to study deeper and not dilly-dally during your studying time. This also helps reinforce any goals you have set for your studying.

What other tips do you have for being successful in studying? Let us know in the comments, and happy studying!

How to Have a Successful Career Fair Experience

4 Sep

Now that the school year is in full swing, you will probably start hearing about job fairs on campus. They vary in size, but most campus career fairs will have a variety of companies and organizations that are looking to hire students. They are there for you to talk to and get to know, and put on your radar for when you apply for jobs and internships. In fact, these job fairs are usually the ticket in for many students, as most set up interviews or even have on-the-spot interviews because of the impression they gave the employer. This is a great opportunity for you to see many companies all in one place and get in interview mode.

 Are there any upcoming career fairs this fall? So far, Purdue will host at least 15 career fairs in the fall of 2018 alone. That is a lot of opportunities for you to make your impression! For example, the Industrial Roundtable will be on September 11th and 12th this year. It is the largest student career fair in the country, hosting 400 companies and attracting over 12,000 students. The focus is on engineering and STEM fields, but is open to all students in all majors. At this particular fair, on campus interviews are usually held during the days following the fair. Companies make a weeklong commitment sometimes just to find Purdue talent and knowledge. Other upcoming career fairs are the Computer Career Fair, Krannert Business Career Fair, Hospitality and Tourism Career Fair, and the Purdue Agriculture Career Fair. There is just about a career fair for every area of study, and many cross over, so they are always worth checking out. For the complete line-up of fall 2018 career fairs and more information about each, visit

Image result for purdue industrial roundtable

Purdue’s Industrial Roundtable attracts 400 employers each year.

What should I do to prepare for a career fair? There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are prepared for a career fair.

  1. Have your resume ready. It is always important to have an updated resume displaying what you have done so far and highlighting some skills and interests. Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities has great tips on developing a good resume. It is also extremely helpful to have multiple sets of eyes look over your resume. Give it to your parents, friends, and maybe even some professors. Different perspectives will help you develop the best final draft possible. Once you have your resume ready for the career fair, be sure to print more copies than you think you will need, and put them in a safe place. Having a portfolio or folder just for career fairs will keep you organized and neat. The last thing you want to do is walk up to your dream employer and hand them a crumpled resume!
  2. Prepare your elevator pitch. If someone said, “Tell me about yourself,” what would you say? Having a short 1 to 2 minute introduction prepared can help you feel more comfortable and highlight important information. Think about what you want employers to know. Tell them what your major is, what you hope to do with it, and something you are proud of that you have done at school so far. Do not make it overly formal and rehearsed, but just know what you want to touch on when you first talk to someone at a career fair. If you are ready to talk about yourself and your experiences, they will be ready to listen!
  3. Do your research. Many career fairs will release a list of companies that will be there. If there are a few you are really interested in talking to, do a little research about the company. It will definitely be impressive! Know their mission and some current projects, and be able to show that you have a genuine interest in the company. It will set you apart from people who are just blindly going up to talk to any company.
  4. Dress to impress. Professional attire is necessary at career fairs. For men, a nice suit, crisp shirt, and a tie will do just fine. Classic is always great, so do not feel like you have to wear flashy color combinations. A white shirt is a great option, and your color tie may depend on what you want to convey about yourself. Blue is a favorite color because it reveals you are hardworking and persistent. There is a whole science devoted to what the colors we wear say about us! For more information on what suits, shirts, and ties to wear, click here. For women, a dress, skirt, or pants will be perfect. There is no rule that says every woman has to wear a skirt; just wear what you feel comfortable in. Adding a blazer is usually a great touch, and always make sure what you are wearing is not too revealing. This advice goes to all genders. Whether it is a skirt or pair of pants that are too tight, they are still too tight. The right fit makes all the difference when suiting up. Also, be mindful of the little extras some of us may be used to. Go simple with jewelry, and go light on perfume. You never know who has allergies or sensitivities to smells. You will also need dress shoes to go with your outfit, but make sure you break them in. You will not want to be distracted by blisters on your feet when you are just about to land an interview.

Image result for students career fair

 But wait, aren’t professional clothes costly? Professional clothes usually are not the cheapest, but it pays off to watch for sales. The outfits you wear to job fairs and interviews will likely be worn often, so it is an investment that is worth it in the end. Purdue does have some resources for students looking for affordable outfits to wear to interviews. The CCO has a Career Closet, where students are allowed to pick one outfit per semester to keep. These are donated items in great condition. For more information about going through the Career Closet, click here. There is also an event happening at Lafayette’s JCPenney on September 9th. JCPenney is offering 40% off the lowest price on suiting and related items (like shoes) to Purdue students with a PUID. Shuttles will be available that evening, and you will need to register in advance. For more information on this event, click here.

 What should I do if I am nervous for the career fair? Everyone gets nervous before an interview or career fair, but being well prepared can eliminate many of these nervous feelings. Purdue actually hosts mock career fairs from time to time, so you can practice what you would say without the pressure. For more information on mock career fairs, click here. You can also just practice with your friends. It can feel a little silly at first, but eventually you will fall into the part and be able to formulate different answers and stories to what they are asking you. Also remember that it is not just employers asking you questions, but that you can ask the employer questions, too. After all, you have to evaluate if a company will be a good fit for you. Prepare some questions to ask employers and it may make you feel less nervous. After the first couple of people you talk to, you will be loosened up and it will all come easier. Try talking to companies you maybe are not nervous for at the beginning, so you will be broken in when you get to that company you were hoping to impress.

Career fairs are a great way to scope out future employers and get ideas for what you want to do in your future! Even if you do not interview with every company you wanted to interview with, the experience you will get from career fairs is invaluable and will help you with future interviews. Good luck at the fairs this year, Boilermakers!

Starting College Off on the Right Foot

15 Aug

Congrats! You’re moved in! After having to worry about the logistics of getting here and all of the packing, it is now time to actually start thinking about your classes. Need some tips for adjusting to college classes? We have a few for you.

The syllabus is your best friend. Before you ask a question, make sure you are certain that you cannot answer it yourself. Often, the syllabus for each class will have information on due dates, how to submit assignments, office hours, and even how the professor or instructor would prefer you contact him or her. Many professors physically hand out the syllabus, but either way, they pretty much always upload the syllabus on Blackboard as well. Think of it as your guide to that class, and consult it when you need help. Many students do not read the syllabus, and then are just referred back to it when they ask a question that is answered in the syllabus.

Image result for syllabus

Office hours are there for a reason. If your professor has office hours, it means you can stop by his or her office during that designated time and ask questions about the class. This does not necessarily mean it is the only time you can talk with your professor, since most are open to setting up appointments if you need to talk. However, by going to office hours, you know this is a designated time when the professor and TAs are prepared to help that specific class. Usually office hours are valuable, as professors will walk you through hard math problems, give you tips for success on upcoming exams, etc. The bonus is also that your professor will see you stopping by for help if needed. Even if it is not your strong subject, making an effort to improve makes all the difference in a college course.

Stay organized. Whether you write everything down in a planner or put due dates in your phone calendar, it is always a good idea to record what you need to accomplish. With classes not all being in a row like in high school and with a more demanding workload, half of the battle is just remembering what to do! Once you see the way your classes are structured, decide if you would like a notebook and folder for each class or what other supplies you need. Some students even have two backpacks – one for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and one for Tuesday and Thursday. While not all the time, you will often have the same classes on those day combinations. Having an already packed bag (or even just a bag packed the night before) can really make a difference in the morning!

Image result for school planner

 Check your email often. While in high school email is not often used, it will be your main form of communication both in college and the professional world. All official emails from Purdue will be sent to your Purdue email. Billing statements, holds, medical communications from PUSH, and registration dates are just among the types of information you could miss if you are not regularly checking your email. Most professors will also contact you by email, and even set Blackboard announcements to be sent out as emails as well. It is also advised not to forward your email to a different account such as Gmail or Yahoo, because important messages often get mistaken as spam in those inboxes.

Develop a schedule. You know when your classes are, but when will you study or work on homework? While schedules can often sound boring and demanding, having one may actually lead to more fun and free time. College and time-management go hand in hand, so if you are able to get some good studying done in the couple hours you have blocked out, then you know you can have fun the rest of the day. Some students even use the strategy of being 8-5 students. Between your classes, see if you can get most homework and studying done. It will not always be possible, but when it is, you can enjoy your whole evening.

Look ahead. The most amazing part of college is discovering interests you didn’t even know you had. You may have to take a few seemingly random classes at first, but pay attention to what peaks your interest or could help you in your future studies. You may discover a minor you want to add, or ideas for research down the road. What you write and do can always be included in a portfolio and referenced as part of considerations for graduate school applications, job applications, etc. If an idea seems like it may make sense for your future, pursue it! Inspiration is everywhere.

Image result for purdue arch

While starting college can be intimidating, these tips are all easy to adopt and will really make a difference. You are on a campus where students, faculty, and staff are always ready to help and let you know about their experiences, so feel free to ask questions and give it your all. Here’s to a great year ahead, Boilermakers!

Fall 2018 Purdue & Lafayette Area Events

9 Aug

The Greater Lafayette Area has much to offer when it comes to entertainment. Coming to Purdue in August has many benefits, as fall events are scheduled and you can mark your calendar with exciting activities. Here’s a look at what is going on around campus this fall:

 Purdue Theatre’s 2018-2019 season kicks off. Purdue Theatre puts on four productions throughout the year, and the first play this year will debut on September 21 and run until September 30. By the Way, Meet Vera Stark is a comedy about the seventy-year journey through the life of Vera Stark, a self-confident African-American maid and budding actress. Student tickets are $12.50 and can be purchased at

Thousands run the Purdue Boilermaker Half-Marathon/5K. On October 13, Purdue will host its 7th annual Boilermaker Half-Marathon & 5k. Thousands of runners sign up for this race that starts and finishes at Ross-Ade Stadium. You can register here. Students get a discount!

Students enjoy a creative evening at Starry Night. Campus House presents a festival each year called Starry Night. It is filled with live performers, lots of crafts available for purchase, and lines of food trucks. This year the festival is on September 29, and it is free! You can see the line-up of performers here.

Image result for starry night festival west lafayette

Reenactors flock to Feast of the Hunter’s Moon. Feast of the Hunter’s Moon is a historic reenactment of what 18th century life would look like at Fort Ouiatenon in what is now West Lafayette, where the French and Native Americans would gather for fur-trading. The festival is massive, and tents and booths line the grounds. You can buy handmade soaps, scarves, jewelry, and much more. The food is another noteworthy part of the Feast. Turkey legs, French onion soup, gingerbread, cornbread, and apple caramel sundaes are among the tasty treats you will find. A one-day pass is only $10 if bought in advance, so grab a ticket and mark your calendar for October 6 and 7! For more Feast and ticket buying information, visit

Image result for feast of the hunters moon

The Purdue community discovers fresh finds at the Farmer’s Market. Head to Memorial Mall on Thursdays from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for lunch, desserts, and lots of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Image result for purdue farmers market

Locals Mosey Down Main Street. The Mosey is a street celebration in Downtown Lafayette that occurs periodically throughout the summer and fall. If you need something to do on September 1, check it out! It is free, and local vendors and restaurants line up down the center of Main Street. There is also live music to see! For more information, visit

Culture is celebrated at Germanfest. On September 8, the community will gather at St. Boniface Church in Lafayette for the Annual Germanfest. There is German food, beer and wine tents, live Polka music, and carnival rides. Food and drink tickets are $1 each, and there is a $5 entrance fee. Get more information at

Lots of popcorn and apples are enjoyed in nearby Brookston. Brookston is located just 13 miles north of Lafayette, and is home to the Apple Popcorn Festival. This fall festival is free to attend, and there is a ton of food and many booths with unique finds. The festival is on September 15 this year.

Image result for brookston apple popcorn festival


These free and low cost events will have you celebrating all fall!

Attending Purdue Sporting Events

7 Aug

If you enjoy sports, you probably know the prices for college and professional events are a bit steeper than those high school games you attended. Luckily, as a Purdue student, there are affordable ways to enjoy games. After all, Purdue football would be nothing without the Ross-Ade Brigade, and Mackey Arena without the Paint Crew is unimaginable. Purdue loves to see the stands filled with students! The atmosphere on any game day is always high-energy, so even if you do not regularly attend sporting events, you might find that these college games are fun to attend every once in a while. Read on for some Purdue sports information that will help you prepare for attending games.

Check out the Boarding Pass. For $99, you can purchase the Boarding Pass, which will give you season football tickets and priority access to tickets for men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball home games. Your football season tickets are automatic with the purchase of the pass. For basketball and volleyball, there will be a window of time when you can request student tickets before they are available to other students. The math works out to a rate of $14 per football game when you make this purchase! If you are a huge football fan and see yourself attending most games, this may be worth the upfront cost. Find Purdue’s 2018 football schedule here.

Image result for ross ade brigade

The Ross-Ade Brigade always brings lots of excitement to the stadium.

Look into student group memberships. Football, volleyball, and both men’s and women’s basketball have a student group in the student section on home game days. The Ross-Ade Brigade is the student group for football, and a $15 membership will get you early entry into Ross-Ade Stadium, admission into the South End Zone Patio, a student section T-shirt, and invitations to special events. While membership tickets are currently sold out, the Paint Crew is the student group for men’s basketball. Whether more become available this year or you decide to purchase next year, a $15 membership includes early entry into Mackey Arena, guaranteed men’s basketball season tickets, a student section T-shirt, and invitations to special events. The Block Party is volleyball’s official student group. Their membership costs $10 and includes early entry into Holloway Gymnasium, guaranteed volleyball season tickets, a student section T-shirt, and invitations to special events. Last but not least, the Gold Mine is the student group for women’s basketball. A $10 membership includes guaranteed women’s basketball season tickets, a student section T-shirt, and invitations to special events. Considering T-shirts themselves can sometimes cost as much as these memberships, they definitely deliver much for what they cost!

Image result for purdue paint crew

Purdue’s Paint Crew makes Mackey Arena one of the loudest in the country.

Buy student tickets for single games. If you are uninterested in any passes or memberships, be sure to buy a student ticket when you do go to purchase tickets for a single game. It will be way cheaper than buying a seat outside of the student section.

Buy online. Purchasing ahead of time will always save you money, even as a student. For example, buying a student ticket at the ticket office for football this year will be $5 more than the online price. All online tickets and the memberships listed above can be purchased here.

Be prepared with your ID and ticket. Tickets can be printed or you can simply save mobile tickets to your phone. All tickets are delivered electronically. Be sure to bring either your printed ticket or your ticket on your phone, as well as your Purdue ID with you to the game. If you do not have these items, you will be charged the gameday student ticket price to replace your ticket.

Consider free events. Football, basketball, and volleyball are regularly attended sports with a high demand, so they will always cost you something to watch. However, there are also sports Purdue students can watch for free. Why not head to a game and see how you like it? It may be something different you can fill a free day or evening with. Bring your Purdue ID to the following sporting events, and you will get in free of charge: soccer, cross country, swimming & diving, wrestling, track & field, tennis, golf, softball, and baseball. We have seen our fair share of Purdue Olympians in the last couple of decades in these sports, so you may witness a piece of history by watching!

Steele Johnson and David Boudia earned a silver medal in synchronized diving at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Watching Purdue sports is always a great pastime and experience, whether you are into the sport or just want to show your Purdue pride. Can’t wait to see some great student sections this year!

Boiler Up!

Student Discounts in the Greater Lafayette Area

2 Aug

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to budget in college, you will still want to go to the movies, go out to eat, and do some shopping. The perk of living in a college town and having a Purdue ID is that you will save on all that fun you’re having! Read on for some secrets to getting a discount while you are living in the Greater Lafayette area.

 Head to the movies for discounts. The main movie theater chain in the area is Goodrich Quality Theaters. Chances are if you are from up north in the state or Michigan, you probably have seen these theaters. The closest to campus is Wabash Landing 9, which is located on State Street on the Levee. It’s a quick walk or CityBus ride from campus. The theater knows its audience, and has great student discounts. All you have to do is show your Purdue ID. The cheapest day to see a movie is actually Tuesday, with the theater running its Thrifty Ticket Tuesday promotion. All movies, no matter what time of day, are $7.00 to see. For more information about Wabash Landing 9, click here. If you are feeling adventurous and want to get out farther into Lafayette, Eastside 9 and Lafayette 7 run all of the same promotions. If you like to see movies, don’t forget to sign up for the movie theater’s rewards program so you can earn free tickets and snacks.

The Purdue Student Union Board also hosts some free movie nights. On August 25, there will be a movie on the lawn where students can view Oceans 8. These events usually take place at Fowler Hall located in the Stewart Center when there is not a special outside movie.

Image result for wabash landing 9 west lafayette in

 Paint some pottery. If you are looking for something different to do and feel like getting creative, check out All Fired Up! – a pottery studio that is on State Street, right near the movie theater. You will walk in, choose your item, and paint it however you like. There are no studio fees, so you can just set your budget by picking an item around what you want to spend. The average ticket price is $20. Go on a Monday, and students get 10% and still no studio fees. Or make it a date on Wednesday, as all couples will get 10% off. Or go Sunday when mom and dad are visiting, because all families painting together get 10% off. It’s hard to not find a deal here!

Image result for all fired up west lafayette

Go on your BGR excursions. During Boiler Gold Rush, you will have many opportunities to land some deals. This year on August 15, there will be a Meijer Mania night. Students will have the opportunity to hop on a free shuttle to Meijer for freebies, samples, and to purchase any last items they may need. The following day on August 16, there will be a Resource Fair on campus. New students will have the chance to talk with representatives from different offices and departments here on campus. Hint: There are usually freebies passed out at events like these, and you may find some of the items quite useful. Look for the Division of Financial Aid there! Then later that night, head to the Boiler Bridge Bash in downtown Lafayette. Community vendors will be there with free food, coupons, etc. You can check out all that the area has to offer; you don’t want to miss it!

 Hop on CityBus. Did you know CityBus is a contracted partner with Purdue? That means that students, faculty, and staff ride free! CityBus spans all Campus Loop routes and also has nine regular routes throughout Greater Lafayette. All you need is your Purdue ID to hop on. CityBus runs by many apartments and by all of the residence halls. With all of the routes offered, you can even take it to the mall! All routes, as well as real-time bus information, are available online and at the front of every residence hall. If you need to run some errands a bit farther out, CityBus is a great, free option.

Save on groceries. If you are a Sam’s Club fan, you are in luck, as there is a nearby location in Lafayette. New student members can get a discounted membership at $45 and a $15 gift card, so you really only pay $30 for a membership that can save you lots. Try the free samples in the store and check out prices for items you regularly use. It is often cheaper in the long run to buy in bulk, and then you will not have to venture out all the time to shop. The Kroger brand is also strong in the area, and the nearby Payless (that is what they are called in the Lafayette area) stores will give students 5% off their purchases.

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Use discounts when out to eat. Most local restaurants offer a student discount of 10% off every order, or specials for students run throughout the week. The Dairy Queen that is located in Purdue West even offers half price days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Talk about a deal! Other nearby restaurants that will give a student discount are Burger King, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway, and Pizza Hut.

When in doubt, just show your ID. Your Purdue ID truly is the ticket to some good savings. All campus stores will give you a discount if they see it, and most local restaurants and retailers as well. Even if a deal is not advertised for students, you will probably find that one exists if you just ask.

Here’s to a fun year full of student discounts!

What Not to Bring to Purdue

30 Jul

As you have been preparing to come to Purdue, you have surely been doing much shopping and packing. Moving into a residence hall or apartment is new and exciting, and you of course have to be prepared! Do you feel as if you may be buying or packing too much, though? While there are college packing lists galore out there, there are not as many resources that tell you what not to bring. Read on for some items to reconsider and potentially not pack. You will save space in both your wallet and room!

A printer. If you have always been used to having a printer nearby or in your home, you will surely want that convenience again when you come to Purdue. However, there is no need to purchase your own printer. It will just take up space in your room you could use for other items! There are printers available everywhere on campus for your use, including inside the residence halls. There are many computer labs as well as stand-alone printing stations sprinkled throughout campus. The other major perk of using these stations: You as a student have a printing quota (that is rarely ever exceeded) each year, so there is no out-of-pocket cost for you (it was already part of your school fees). For more information on printing at Purdue, including a list of locations, click here. Most apartment complexes also have an office with a free computer lab and printing available as well, so being in an apartment does not put you at a disadvantage, as you will still be able to print for free if you are not on campus when you need to print.

Duplicate items. It may be addicting to keep piling in items to take to school, but be sure to coordinate with your roommate(s) to find out what they are bringing. Don’t bring two TVs to your room in the residence hall when you will only need one! If you have separate rooms from your roommates in an apartment, be sure you are still splitting up items for the living room and kitchen. With technology making communication faster and easier than ever, it’s no sweat to work this out with your roommate(s)! Some roommates even get super serious and start a Google doc for their packing.

Your entire wardrobe. When you move in, you will of course want to cover your bases and bring a variety of clothes. You’ll mostly need summer clothes at first, but always be prepared with a few sweaters and jackets as well. Exchange the bulk of your summer items for winter items if you return home for any of the breaks before it gets cold. Even if you are bringing clothes for the whole year, it is more important to bring items that work well with each other instead of bringing 50 separate outfits. Even though it may sound fun to bring 10 fancy dresses or a couple of suits just in case, chances are you will not have the chance to wear them. Bring the most of what you will wear the most.

Image result for too many clothes

Sports gear. Purdue has an amazing co-rec with tons of machines and equipment to rent. Most apartment complexes also have a workout room and basketballs, tennis balls, etc. for any courts they may have. Do not jam your car with enough for a whole football team when you can find all of it here!

Appliances and grills. These items are unneeded and not allowed in most cases. In University Residences, you will be able to bring a small microwave, but skip the toasters and everything else. The dining courts are equipped with what you need! Grills are also not allowed at University Residences and in most apartment complexes as well. If you want to grill at your apartment, most places have grilling stations throughout the grounds that can accommodate you. Apartments near campus also usually have all major appliances there for you already.

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Big stereo systems. You may want to be the life of the party with a huge sound system, but chances are you can find better ways to utilize your space. If you still wish to enhance your music, look into a mini wireless speaker instead. They are often loud and powerful, without taking up the added cost or space.

Holiday decorations. You are probably excited to get that cute, little Christmas tree or Halloween decorations in your room this year, but it is probably best to get those items at home at a later date, closer to the holiday. Or, buy a few cheap, disposable decorations at a nearby store like a dollar store. Either way, you don’t want to be storing holiday items in your limited space when they will only be enjoyed once a year.

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Routers. At University Residences, wireless internet access is available through Purdue. Bringing your own router could actually interfere with Purdue’s system, so it is not recommended. Many apartment complexes also provide internet access included in your price. Unless you have to seek out internet on your own, the best rule of thumb is to go with what is provided and skip the router.

Excessive decorations. It is great to make your space your own, but try to do it without bringing too much clutter. Wall hangings, eye-catching bedding, and colorful organizational containers can be a way to add some function flare that does not take up too much space. It is usually better to come in with less and then if you find you need to fill up an empty space, look for the perfect item for it. Your room design will be much more intentional this way, and not look cluttered and thrown together.

Coins for laundry. Gone are the days when you had to bring a bag of quarters to do laundry! Now, most University Residences exclusively accept Boiler Express. You load money onto your account and swipe your ID card for payment when you do laundry. For laundry prices, click here. To add money to your Boiler Express account, click here.

Image result for laundry quarters

Happy packing! Remember that less is more and if you need anything, most major retailers are only a CityBus ride away.

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