Whether it’s devising and following a budget or choosing the right investments, being able to manage your personal finances is a learned skill. One which you can easily obtain here at MyMoney. Through collaboration with financial professionals, MyMoney is committed to strengthening the financial fitness of all Purdue University students, parents, staff and others within our community who seek this wealth of information.Your financial well-being awaits. MyMoney is the tool that will serve you well.


Providing tools and information needed to manage debt, increase awareness of financial issues, and attain financial freedom. Disclaimer

Contact Us

Email: mymoney@purdue.edu

Phone: 765-494-5050

Home Site: www.purdue.edu/mymoney

You can follow us on Twitter: @MyMoneyPurdue

Or Like us on Facebook: MyMoneyPurdue

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  1. Alyse Brossett October 15, 2012 at 4:37 AM #

    We always want financial freedom in one way or another. But it is really hard to achieve it. ,“;*

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