Thrift Shopping for College Students

16 Jun

Thrift shopping: good for needs and wants text. Laid over picture of two mannequins wearing shirts that say sale

Everyone wants to look good. Whether it’s for a professional interview or a hot date, everyone needs to put on a little more than a t-shirt and jeans at times. However, if you’re used to hitting the mall and buying designer outfits, it can be hard to adjust to having very little set aside for such expenses.

So how does one dress to impress on a college budget?

There’s an art to finding the best deals for the best look, and here I will give you the keys to a good college wardrobe.

First thing’s first: find a thrift shop. Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis isn’t all that off the mark. Lots of quality clothing can be found at your local Goodwill, Trinity Mission, and The Salvation Army stores, not to mention Amused Clothing near the Purdue campus.


These are all good places to begin the search for professional (and entertaining) clothing for a great price. These stores can all be found in Lafayette and are only a short drive (or bus ride) away from campus. If you don’t have a car find some friends who do. It can be tons of fun to go as a group and see great deals or fun outfits you can pick.

Next, keep an open mind. When you go to thrift stores you never know what you’re going to find, which means you never know what you’re NOT going to find. It’s not a department store; you can’t go in with a set item in mind.

If you walk into a thrift shop with an open mind you will find items that you would never have looked at before that can enhance your outfit for only a few dollars. People donate all sorts of clothes that are in nearly perfect condition, but you never know what you will find until you go.

From here you simply have to keep going. Odds are you will not find everything you need all in one shopping spree. You must be diligent and give it time. Often it can take many trips to find the perfect ensemble. Just remember to have fun with it and you will be dressed without too much financial stress in no time.

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