Savings Tips for Summer Utilities

30 May

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s finally summer (technically summer doesn’t actually begin until June 21st)! That means spending days on the water, grilling burgers, getting some sun and… higher utility bills.

You can’t do anything about the heat and humidity, and unless you want to be miserable for months you will need to turn on the A/C. Rather than saving money by sitting alone in the dark all of the time, use these tips to help keep your utility bill in check.

Unplug what you don’t use

If it’s plugged in to the wall and not a power strip, it’s going to be using power! Unplug those phone charges, lamps that are really just for decoration, and other appliances when you’re not actually using them.

Use ceiling fans (properly)

Useful for regulating temperature in both winter and summer, ceiling fans can give you a nice breeze if they are set the right direction. Remember that fans only cool you down if you can feel the breeze from it! If you can’t feel the wind coming off the fan, it is actually wasting electricity.

Shut unused vents

Have a room that you don’t use or that roommate moved out for the summer? Close the vents in that room. There’s no reason to pay to keep a room that’s always vacant at a comfortable temperature.

Master the thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, adjust it to make it cooler when you’re home. 5 minutes reading the manual can save you significantly! If you have one that can’t be programmed, make a habit of adjusting it if no one will be home.

Embrace the darkness

Make your parents proud by shutting the lights off behind you when leave the room! If you’re playing video games or watching Netflix, you can turn the lights off too and enjoy the screen in all its glory.

Friends have benefits

Have a friend whose utilities are included in their rent? As long as they are cool with it, they may now be living in the new go-to hang out spot.

Laundry savings

Wash your clothes exclusively in cold water and skip the dryer. Hang a clothes line and let your clothes air dry. If a clothes line isn’t an option, consider some sort of drying rack.

Avoid using the oven

Using the oven can heat up a kitchen real quick. If you have a toaster oven, it can be a great substitute that creates much less heat. However, don’t use this as an excuse to eat out! It only takes a couple meals out to blow through what you have saved from doing everything on this list.

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