Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

8 Dec

Wanting to celebrate and spread some holiday cheer but don’t want to break the bank doing it? Holidays are all about spending time with family and giving back, so there’s really no reason to have to spend a lot! So here is a list of free/inexpensive holiday activities.

Christmas Tree: text overlay An Inexpensive Holiday

Send Cards to Soldiers

Holiday Mail for Soldiers is a program run every year by the Red Cross in an effort to send some holiday cheer to those serving and protecting our country. What a great way to send holiday spirit to someone separated from their family at such a special time of the year! You can do this individually, with your family, or even with a club/organization on campus.

Scout Out the Best Lights

Some people go crazy with their Christmas lights! Pile your friends and family into a car and drive around enjoying the lights and try to find the house with the most dramatic lightshow production.

Help Decorate for the Holidays

Whether you buy a tiny fake tree with your roommates or help your parents pull down the menorah from the attic one weekend, that act of helping set up decorations is a great holiday memory. You don’t have to buy new decorations; you can pull out the old and go over your memories from holidays past or have a crafting session with your roommates to make new decorations and new memories.

Spend Time, Not Money

What if you don’t buy presents this holiday season? What if instead, you do something special with each family member and friends you would normally buy a present for? These can be free or low-cost experiences. Maybe you’re back in town for the holidays and you have a friend who is obsessed with Starbucks seasonal peppermint mochas…why not take her out for one and catch up on your lives for a couple hours? The experience of the holiday season is what matters, not what you buy someone.

Go Caroling

So what if you don’t have the best voice? Any nursing home in town would love to see a bunch of new, young and/or cheery faces caroling down their halls. Get in the spirit! Gather friends, family, your sorority sisters, congregation, etc. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.


Baking delicious treats is probably one of the most exciting things about the holidays. You can bake some for your family, friends, neighbors, the mailman, your favorite teachers from grade school,  or anyone really. Everyone enjoys a few good treats in the winter! It’s the perfect time to try out those recipes you saw on Pinterest or someone shared on Facebook.

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