Graduation Cap Hall of Fame

6 May

You’ve worked hard to get through years of school and graduation is finally coming. While there isn’t much that you can do about your graduation gown outside of stoles and cords, your graduation cap is where you can really shine and reflect all the hard work (and tears) you’ve put into college. So here is some inspiration and DIY advice on having an amazing graduation cap. Be sure to click on the pictures to go to the sources for their advice on making it.

You can use your cap to show off your school spirit


Look fabulous with a bow



Give a nod to a favorite movie or show


Brag about the awesome major you had

(Even if Wumbology isn’t a “real” major)

Show that you’re happy just to have escaped with your diploma


Let the world know what you’re doing after graduation



Maybe be a little bummed that those student loans are due in 6 months


Have one more place to show you’re a crazy cat person

Throw out some Greek love



Get your Disney on


Toss a favorite inspirational quote out there



Or even just to say “Peace Out”


Just remember that you do have to wear your cap on your head for the graduation ceremony and all those pictures after. So be careful about what kinds of things you add on as it might get unnecessarily heavy. You want to have an amazing graduation cap, not a sore neck.

If you love what you see here, check out our Pinterest board that includes everything pictured above and more! Plus even more advice on graduation attire and DIY caps.

Leave any advice you have or a link to your cap in the comments!

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