Are You Thinking Summer?

25 Jun

Raysha Duncan, Financial Aid Administrator

orange tree; text overlay: #thinksummer

Hey Boilers, have you really been living up to the #thinksummer ideal this summer? Don’t worry, it’s only the end of June so if you’ve just been lazing around for the past month…there’s still hope! We’ve compiled a list of ideas of summer-long projects for you to pursue.

Sign up for a local class that interests you (even if it’s unrelated to your major and especially if it’s fun!). You can gain a new skill that you wouldn’t be able to during the school year.

Become a regular volunteer in your local community. Numerous non-profits need help every day and you could be just the person they need! Reach out to your local United Way or another community foundation to see where you can lend a hand.

Train for a 5K or a marathon! This is a tough challenge, but the dedication it will take you to accomplish this goal will teach you both self-discipline and time management – two things every college student desperately needs!

Tackle a summer reading list. This can be fiction, non-fiction, or both! Do some fun reading or challenge yourself to read one book a week until the end of summer. And if you can’t come up with books to read on your own, there are plenty of reading lists already out there waiting.

Pick up a part-time job, if you don’t already have one. Earn some money this summer! Even if your job isn’t related to your major or career goals, every job has some transferable skills that you can use later in life.

Learn to cook! This is a skill you can use for the rest of your life. If you’re at home this summer see if your culinary-inclined parent can teach you to make your favorite dishes of theirs so you can recreate them when you’re on your own in the fall. And make sure to use Pinterest to find something new and adventurous to make at least once.

Compile your resume. What’s missing? Try to find opportunities to fill in the blanks to make you more marketable to future employers.

Start an Etsy shop! This is for the crafty ones out there. Not only can you make fun crafts all summer, but you get the chance to learn how these small businesses work and you may even make a profit!

What are you doing with your summer? Let us know in the comments below! #thinksummer

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