Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

7 May

Purdue Student & Peer Counselor

field of dandelions; text overlay: Happy Mother's Day

So you’ve made it through another semester and can’t wait to start your epic Summer of 2015! Before you start planning your legendary road trips and summer escapades, it’s important to remember that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Yup, May 10th to be exact! With the bustle of the Spring semester behind you, now is a good time to plan on how to make this Mother’s Day epic too!

It’s not always easy to find the perfect way to celebrate your mother or your mother-figure and how much you appreciate them in your life. Most of us struggle each year to find a unique but simple gift that speaks to both our heart’s voice as well as to our wallet’s endurance. Here are a few unique ideas that won’t break the smart budgeting you have been doing all semester!

Make your own flower bouquet!

Ever go to buy a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day and wish you could switch out some flowers for others or rearrange them to fit your mother’s personality? Well, you can and your mom will love that you chose flowers that fit who she is!

Super crafts!

Sometimes just taking your mom out to dinner, setting up a nice brunch, or having a movie night is a great way to celebrate your mom. Some great ways to set the mood for these gifts with style can be in homemade gifts!

Trip Down Memory Lane!

What better way to say, “Mom, you’ve made a difference” than to show that you remember every moment in which your mom impacted your life! You can do just this by trading stories with your mother, sitting down and going over photo albums and family videos, or even by showing an interest in getting to know your mother more as the amazing person she is!

Involve Everyone!

Hey, maybe it’s not just you who your mom has impacted! Set up a surprise Mother’s Day Party for the entire family, and even those who took her as their mom-figure in their lives. Celebrate the connections your mother has with everyone around her, and remind her how much she has mattered!

Everyone’s mom is unique, so sometimes it is just a matter of fitting ideas to who your mom is to you. No matter what you do, it still makes Mother’s Day truly special when you take the time to say in your own way, “Today is My Mother’s Day!”

Do you have any special ways you celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day? Share in the comments below!

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