Staycation Ideas

5 Mar

Raysha Duncan, Financial Aid Administrator & Purdue Alumna

table full of coffee mugs; text overlay: Staycation Ideas

Don’t have any exciting plans for Spring Break? That’s okay! Not every Spring Break can involve a trip to the beach with 20 of your closest friends. Maybe you just didn’t feel like going anywhere this year (including your childhood home for a week) or maybe you’re just trying to save money. So… Have you thought about a staycation? It’s a little like staying home by yourself, a little bit like an adventure, and a lot about saving money. We’ve listed some ideas to get you started below!

Themed Movie/TV Marathon

Mini film festival, anyone? Pick a theme or a TV show and run with it! Have a thing for spy movies? Stream Sherlock on Netflix and watch the Bourne series. Or if you’re more into historical stuff, try out some History Channel shows or Downtown Abbey and maybe throw in The Queen or Lincoln for good measure. And don’t forget to gather your favorite snacks!

Declutter/Cleaning Day

Clean out your closet, under your sink, raid your own pantry, and toss or donate anything you don’t need. Toss any empty, half-used, torn, worn-out things you find and donate anything that could use a second-life with someone who can appreciate your old things (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!). And while you’re de-cluttering, you may as well actually clean your place too. Scrub all the surfaces you never think to scrub (shower walls, the fridge shelves, the tops of your cabinets), dust everything that can/can’t move, take out all the trash in your apartment (including the things you just purged).

Visit New Places in the Area

Is there somewhere in the area you’ve always been interested in trying or going to but just haven’t had the chance? Maybe there’s a coffee shop you see every day on the bus but just haven’t made it to yet or a diner you’ve heard a classmate rave about…go try it out! Take yourself for breakfast/lunch/coffee or invite some friends along. Take the time to finally have that mini-adventure you’ve wanted to take; you might just stumble upon a bookstore or even another coffee shop to try!

Learn to Cook Something New (or just how to cook at all!)

If you don’t know how to cook, there’s no better time to learn than when you have a distraction-free Spring Break! Start with some basics: baking chicken, mixing and baking homemade chocolate chip cookies, cooking noodles. Already know how to do all of that? Try your hand at something exciting: homemade red velvet cake, chicken cordon bleu, guacamole…maybe even a soufflé? You can find a recipe for anything on the internet!

Make Your Space Your Own Luxury Hotel

Really craving that luxurious vacation feel? Think of all the fancy things you get or could get at the fanciest hotel imaginable and re-create that for yourself. This requires a little extra work as hotels are always completely spotless and fresh. Wash your sheets and make your bed up all nice including mints/chocolates on the pillows, of course! Scrub down your bathtub and set out fresh towels and fold your toilet paper to a point, just like the fancy places. Splurge on your favorite fresh fruit and set it out, help yourself to it freely! Cook up the fanciest thing you know how to make and use plates that aren’t paper to eat it off of. And don’t forget about the robes you get at the swankiest places! Make sure to don yours at all times especially when you visit your private luxury spa (i.e. your super clean bathroom).


Have you taken a staycation before? Let us know in the comments below!

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