You Filed Your FAFSA…Now What?

2 Mar

Raysha Duncan, Financial Aid Administrator & Purdue Alumna

You Filed You FAFSA...Now What

If you’ve been keeping up with our mini-Monday FAFSA series, you know that Indiana residents’ FAFSAs are due March 10th. And if you weren’t aware, be sure to check out these helpful posts:

FAFSA Resources

What is Financial Aid?

Why Should I File a FAFSA

But for those of you who have filed, what can you expect now?

Tax Information

If you didn’t have your taxes done at the time you filed your FAFSA, you will need to update your FAFSA with your/your parents updated tax information as soon as taxes are completed. The earlier you are able to update this information, the sooner your institution receives it and can put together a more accurate financial aid award package for you.


Keep an eye on your student email! This is how your financial aid office will contact you for a multitude of things: your FAFSA was received, verification documents, FAFSA issues, your financial aid award is ready, etc.


If you’re selected for verification (meaning that you need to submit additional information to your financial aid office) you will want to submit this information as soon as possible. Much like with updating your FAFSA to reflect your correct tax information, the earlier you are able to submit any verification information being requested, the sooner your financial aid office is able to put together a more accurate financial aid award for you.

Award Notification

If you’re attending Purdue as an incoming freshman, you can expect a financial aid award notification in mid-March and continuing students can expect a financial aid award in June if all your requirements (i.e. filed a FAFSA and completed verification requirements) have been completed. If you’re not attending Purdue, you’ll want to contact your school to figure out your specific timeline.


If you have any specific questions about your FAFSA and financial aid, you will want to contact your university’s financial aid office.

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