Winter Prep Necessities

8 Jan

Raysha Duncan, Financial Aid Administrator and Purdue Alumna

The snow is starting to fall on the pavement of your apartment complex parking lot… You start dreaming of hot chocolate and movie nights with your roommates, snow ball fights, and maybe, just maybe, one of those rare, rare snow days that happen on college campuses. You wake up the next morning to six inches of snow. They haven’t plowed your parking lot yet, the stairs are covered in ice, you realize you don’t have any snow boots, and your apartment is freezing (in an attempt to save money on utilities, not because the furnace is broken).

Times like this make you realize just how unprepared you are for the cold seasons… you may ask yourself, “What would mom and dad do?” And winter break is the perfect time to ask Mom and Dad’s advice…and snag some supplies from while you’re home (especially since we already have six inches of snow and counting here in West Lafayette…).

snowy trees with text overlay: Snowpocalypse Preparation

Here are a few things to get while you’re home this break:

Snow boots, winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc.

There’s no reason for you to not be prepared to face the cold. You’re in Indiana, it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

Snow Shovel

If you’re expected to shovel your sidewalk for your apartment complex/rental house, you need the tool to get it done. If you didn’t think ahead to get one, or still haven’t gotten around to it, snooping around the garage while you’re home may save you some money (but ask first and don’t leave your family without their own snow shovel).

Things to Keep You Warm

Stock up on blankets, sweaters, slippers, scarves, etc. Turning down the heat to save money isn’t a bad idea, but you still have to be warm enough to get your work done. Make sure to grab all your warm things out of storage (or borrow from mom/dad/grandma/grandpa to get a more vintage feel in your winter wardrobe).

Non-perishable Food

It’s always good to have some on hand in case the weather gets too bad and you can’t leave the house (and why not try and get some for free?). It’s always a good idea to have some food stored that you can eat in case you get snowed in or the power goes out, so make sure to grab things that don’t have to be heated up in case of a power outage.


Not for your food, for the outside. Having a bag of salt by your front door to put on your sidewalk can help you not slip and slide on your way out every day, and can be especially nice if you have stairs.

Make sure to gather these winter necessities and keep warm this winter!

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