Industrial Roundtable Part 2

15 Sep

Hannah Stewart, Purdue University Student and Peer Counselor

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Okay, so you’ve done all the prepping. You’ve done your homework and you know which companies you want to meet. The big day is finally here and here are some tips to make it a successful venture.

example of male and female business suit

Photo by: Lagacyweb-aid-edu

If I haven’t stressed it enough, dress professionally. The dress code is business professional. Yes it is very hot, yes those shoes are not the most comfortable and yes you have classes. But, it is just one day and wearing a suit is worth it if you can land an internship/job. You can do it, you amazing person! And if you’re desperate to get out of your business clothes, you can always bring clothes to change into afterwards, just please dress it up. If you don’t have dress clothes, Goodwill to the rescue! There are plenty of cheap options and thrift store gems to suit your needs.

Look at your schedule of companies you plan on seeing today, and I mean really look at it. Is it realistic? If you picked only top companies, you should note that the lines are way too long to speak with every company. So go to your top two, preferably when the lines are short, and go down your list from there. Be sure to visit multiple recruiters as well. There are lots of recruiters there and you could find something else that you end up loving.

Take each interview as a fresh start. So you didn’t do as well on the last one. That’s okay! Don’t let it psych you out. Each interview is an opportunity to impress and an opportunity to improve your skills for the next employer. The next employer will have no idea how you performed previously. It’s all about selling yourself and be sure to not sell yourself short.

Don’t get your hopes up. I know you love love love that company and it would be a dream to get the job. But there are other opportunities and maybe it’s just not the right time. Consider other offers and don’t limit yourself. It’s a big wide world out there and it’s good to consider other opportunities.

Make sure you get contact information from recruiters. You’ll want a place to send a follow-up letter and a contact to have for the future. It’s always a good idea

ways to contact

Photo by: adikhebat

to take a card, write down an email address or something.

Seriously consider all the options. If you do get multiple job offers that’s wonderful! But how are you going to choose which one? Here are some basic things to consider.

  • How is the pay?
  • Where are you going to be living while you’re working?
  • Have you consider cost of living vs. pay?
  • How long is this position and how will it affect your schooling?
  • Which companies are you most excited about?

There are a lot of things to consider, so don’t make a hasty decision. Be sure to review all of your offers before jumping into one blindly.

Finally remember to breath. Regardless of the outcome, it’s all about the experience. Just take it in stride. As long as you’re prepared and do your best, it’s going to be a good outcome.

Best of luck out there! I know you will do great, your a Boilermaker!

If you have any tips you would like to share please comment below.

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