$ave the Planet & Your Wallet

28 Jul

Amanda Locker, Majoring in Environmental Science at Purdue University

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College is expensive enough so the thought of spending more money on “environmentally friendly products” is a huge turn off to any college student!  However, buying environmentally friendly products is not the only way you can help reduce your carbon footprint.  Here are some things you can do to save money and help save the planet:

Bottled Water

MyMoney Water bottle and can koozieJust stop buying it now!  Bottles of water are expensive and the costs add up.  Vending machines on campus sell bottles of water on average for $1.25.  If you are buying even 5 bottles of water a month for the full academic year you are spending $56.25 on water… ON WATER! Not worth it, in my opinion.  Just get a refillable water bottle and you’re good to go.  Plus, if you really don’t want to spend any money on water, fill up your bottle at any of the drinking-fountains on campus.


Purdue has a variety of options on how to get around campus! The bus system (CityBus) is a great way to get around and has many different route options for students who live off campus.  Or, if you are still unsure about taking the bus you can always start biking to class and using all those fantastic bike paths.  Either transportation option will save you time, cash, and will help cut down your carbon emissions!

Farmers’ Markets

Purdue Farmers Market

As a student myself I know the feeling of wanting to eat healthy fresh foods but not being able to afford the costs of fresh food at the grocery stores.  However, there is good news! A study done at Bard College reports how in most cases the prices at Farmers’ Markets can be cheaper than at the grocery store.  In even better news Purdue has a Farmers Market and Lafayette does too! Buying local food helps reduce carbon emissions and helps boost your local economy. Even if you cannot do all three of these things just start out by trying one method above and see where it takes you!  Living a sustainable lifestyle really can be easier than you think.  Check this website out if you are interested in finding out what your Carbon Footprint is and more ways to reduce your impact on the environment. carbon footprint

If you would like more information about sustainable living or if you have any comments you would like to share feel free to comment below.

2 Responses to “$ave the Planet & Your Wallet”

  1. EcoHeart July 28, 2014 at 5:30 PM #

    great suggestions for ecologically-conscious living–thank you

    for more about connecting with and caring for our environment, please check out EcoHeartBlog


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