College Seniors: You Got the Job! Now What?

12 May

Raysha Duncan Purdue University Student and Peer Counselor

First Day

This blog post could not come at a more perfect time because I just accepted a job offer for the summer! I’m a little nervous because even though I’ll be staying in the Division of Financial Aid at Purdue, I’ll be in a different role and that’s a lot to adjust to in itself. But, for those of you who are going to be going off to a brand new job in a brand new place, you’ve got to prepare for a great first day.

Don’t be Too Nervous

Nervous Cartoon

Photo by: Nervous Gif

There’s nothing wrong with a little case of the nerves, but don’t let them ruin your first day.  Do things to de-stress leading up to your first day: talk to your mom on the phone, walk your dog (or a neighbor’s dog), take a bath, drink some tea, read a book for fun (or binge watch TV shows if that’s more your thing), and think about anything but how nervous you are.

Plan Ahead

I feel like this is my favorite advice to give because if you’re a certified worrier (like me!) it’s always good to plan ahead. You don’t want to be stressed the morning of your BIG first day, so help yourself out the night (…or days) before and get some small stuff out of the way: figure out where you have to park, pack a lunch, plan an outfit (or two if you’re unsure), and make sure you have coffee/tea/smoothie for the morning. Go over the route on how to get to work and give yourself time to get there. You may end up showing up an hour early… But, hey, you weren’t late for your first day.

Accept that it WON’T be Perfect

Because let’s be honest, something will go wrong but you worrying about it won’t make it better. You won’t be able to find the bathroom or call someone the wrong name or spill food on yourself, but you’ll still make it and you’ll still go into work the next day.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief Once the Day is Done

You made it! That was a hard day. Tomorrow will be easier. Good job! Watch some cute cat videos and relax for the night, you deserve it.Sponge Bob breathing

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