April is Senior Month!

4 Apr

April is Senior Month!

Raysha Duncan Purdue University Student and Peer Counselor

Photo by: Mattbuck

Photo by: Mattbuck

Many transitions happen in April and not just with the weather (especially here in Indiana). April is such an important transitory month for both high school and college seniors: high school seniors have a national deadline (May 1st) coming up really fast to choose their college and college seniors who don’t have a plan yet are really starting to feel the pressure. Whether you’re graduating high school or graduating college or simply just a parent of a soon-to-be graduate, this can be a scary transition! This month, we’re compiling some important tips and information for both our high school seniors and college seniors. Each week we’ll be posting information for each group. A list of those upcoming blogs can be found below:


High School Seniors


Week 1: Picking your college

Week 2: Understanding Financial Aid

Week 3: Housing Hunt

Week 4: You Picked a School! Now What?

Week 5: Prep some more…


College Seniors


Week 1: Applying for Jobs

Week 2: Paying Back Your Loans

Week 3: Where Do You Live?

Week 4: Prepping for “Grown-Up” Life

Week 5: You Got the Job! Now What?

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