CashCourse E~Scavenger Hunt, Second Round of Questions

10 Feb

Looking for clues

Photo By: Genesisksb

Welcome to the second week of our E~Scavenger Hunt Questions.  Missed the first week? Don’t worry you have until the end of February to complete ALL of the scavenger hunt questions. You can find the first round of questions here.   You can view rules and regulations in our previous article posting.  Participate and answer all questions correctly you can WIN A $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD!!

Today’s Questions are:

1) Where can you find out how much you owe in federal student loans?

a. Your FAFSA application

b. The NSLDS website

c. The statements the Department of Education sends you

d. Your tuition bills


2) What is a student loan default?

a. Missing the application deadline

b. Missing a loan payment

c. Not making loan payments for 270 days


3) If you have a party and someone damages the apartment you’re leasing, who’s responsible for the repairs?

a. Your landlord

b. The person who did the damage

c. You

Look Below

Photo By: Syker Fotograf

To find the answers you will need to create a user account at CashCourse.  Once you have entered CashCourse, you will be able to find the answers by browsing through CashCourse materials or by completing assignments in “My CashCourse Planner”.  In the assignments section of CashCourse you will need to choose a professor.  For all questions and assignments relating to the E~Scavenger Hunt, Brandon M. Endsley will be your professor.  You can send answers to Professor Endsley through email at or Tweet your answers to @mymoneypurdue using #CashCourse.  You will have until midnight, February 28th to send in your answers.  Answers submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

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