31 Jan

Photo By: OpenSeaMap

Photo By: OpenSeaMap


So let’s be honest. Who has not heard of or ordered SOMETHING from Amazon sells EVERYTHING from class supplies to movies (rent or buy) and electronics.  Amazon even ships your purchased items right to your front door. Who couldn’t use 50 bucks on a site that sells pretty much anything and ships that everything to your door?

Now I know what you’re thinking, “This it sounds too good to be true AND if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is…” You also may be thinking, “Wait a minute there is no such thing as a free lunch…” So what’s the catch?

Let’s start from the beginning…

MyMoney is hosting an E~Scavenger Hunt sponsored by CashCourse from February 3rd to the 28th. CashCourse is a free financial literacy resource that offers online personal finance tools to help you build real-life-ready financial skills.  CashCourse is noncommercial and will NEVER advertise any products or services to you.  CashCourse is funded by the Nation Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) so their website or services will NEVER cost you a penny!

Every Monday in February, three questions will be posted for you to answer.  You can find the questions here or by following us on Twitter. To find the answers you will need to create a user account at CashCourse.  Once you have entered CashCourse, you will be able to find the answers by browsing through CashCourse materials or by completing assignments in “My CashCourse Planner”.  In the assignments section of CashCourse you will need to choose a professor.  For all questions and assignments relating to the E~Scavenger Hunt, Brandon M. Endsley will be your professor.  You can send answers to Professor Endsley through email at or Tweet your answers to @mymoneypurdue using #CashCourse.  You will have until midnight, February 28th to send in your answers.  Answers submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Amazon Gift Card

Photo By: Amazon

Winners will be announced during the first week of March and gift cards can be picked up at The Division of Financial Aid, which is located in Schleman Hall of Student Services, 475 Stadium Mall Drive, Room 302 or 305.  Winners will be notified via their email address listed on their CashCourse account.

To be eligible for the $50 Amazon Gift card you MUST create an account on CashCourse.  Students who answered the most questions correctly will go into a drawing for a gift card.  Ties will be settled by which student completed the most assignments (hint hint: it is better to find the answers using CashCourse assignments from Professor Brandon M. Endsley).

Six students can win a $50 Amazon gift card for answering three questions per week throughout February.  “How could this Scavenger hunt get any better,” you may ask??? Well, it is an E~Scavenger Hunt and the E stands for eeeelectronic!  So stay inside, stay warm, learn a little about your personal finances and potentially win A $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

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