Video Games

15 Oct

Hannah Stewart Purdue University Student and Peer Counselor

gaming night
Let’s be honest, video games are a gift from God! The graphics, the sound, the mind-numbing emotion-releasing pleasures of video games are one of a kind. But, so are the prices! Getting the ultimate gaming experience doesn’t have to break the bank.

Okay, I know a huge TV with amazing picture would be ideal to see kill shots or graphically intense video sequence scenes. The allure is really strong, but is it financially smart? Have you seen the price tag? Not to mention that in college, our living spaces tend to be pretty small. Do you even have the room for a TV that size? Having a kinetic or other motion detector can escalate the already apparent space issue. There is only so much space available in a dorm room or small apartment.

Halo HelmetFor many, the greatest gaming experience comes with some sweet accessories. You just have to have a headset and microphone, right? And how else do you play but online? Accessories can be expensive, and playing online has a monthly price tag. So here’s an alternative. You’re in college; there are how many other students in your dorm who love to play video games? How many people in your social group can be seen with their eyes glued to the TV, playing video games? We are in college to be social, so be social! Invite your buddies and play with them. Make new friends bonding over that brutal fight scene. There is no reason to pay for online gaming to play with random people when the campus is full of potential gaming buddies. And who wants to communicate through a headset anyways when you can holler at your gaming buddy on the top bunk or a crossed the hall?

New releases of the hottest games are coming out all the time, and sometimes I simply cannot wait for Christmas or my birthday. Maybe that’s not what I should be asking for anyway (Its’s your birthday!) but I really want that new game! I can burn through a game in a week to two weeks. And even if it takes longer, it still eventually gets old and boring. So instead of running out and buying a game, borrow it.  And chances are someone has it. Ask your buddies or around your dorm, and see if you can trade. Some residence halls like Tarkington even let you borrow a game from the office, so take advantage of that.

There’s also the option of renting games. You can use 20th century avenues such as BlockBuster (if you can find one) or even Redbox now has game rentals. You can also rent in the 21st century with GameFly and have the games delivered straight to your door with a straight monthly payment, no fees, and no late charges. And if you just have to own the game, try resale shops like Game Stop to get a better deal before you go and pay full price.

Photo by: Toronto_zombie_walk_2010

Photo by: Toronto_zombie_walk_2010

Having the ultimate gaming experience doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Besides, there are plenty of zombies and enemies just dying to give you theirs.

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