Sleep, The Financial Cost

22 Jul

Hannah Stewart, Purdue University Student and Peer Counselor

sleeping students

photo by: Love Krittaya

It seems as college students, the one thing we just can’t seem to get enough of is sleep. Napping in-between classes, skipping that 8 A.M class, and just closing your eyes for a second during that boring lecture, just to catch up are all evidence that we just aren’t getting enough sleep.  . There are lots of reasons why, as a student, sleeping in-between classes isn’t such a good idea.

I encourage you to think about all the time you are napping or sleeping in-between classes. If you sleep at least an hour each day in-between classes, you’re wasting almost 5 hours a week. It adds up pretty fast. Most businesses are open during regular hours only, not late night (when you should be sleeping). Also, if you’re trying to utilize free resources on campus, such as free movies or free tutoring hours. Now you’re missing out by sleeping through their regular hours and now you’ll have to pay to see the movie or to receive tutoring.

hours of operation

photo by: George Armstrong

Obviously, there are some health benefits to getting more sleep, but there are also reasons for why getting enough sleep can help you with your job. You may think that sweet new job you’re working is the perfect place to nap, especially since you almost never see your boss, but that’s a bad idea. Inevitably, your boss has eyes in the back of their heads, and even if they aren’t saying something, you will be caught. What employer wants to hire a student who looks like they can fall asleep on a moment’s notice? They are hiring you to work, not to conduct a sleep study. Then there is the matter of when will you work this job. Most places hold regular business hours; you know the time we take to nap in-between classes? If you’re sleeping those hours away, when exactly are you working?

Most people, when tired, drink coffee or a soft drink to get that caffeine kick to stay awake. Let’s say you drink a coffee a day, and since you’re frugal, you buy it at the gas station where it only costs $1. Assuming you only drink one coffee per weekday, that’s $20 a month you’re spending and $240 per year, and that’s the cheaper end! Starbucks and other fancy cafe`s will cost even more. Getting extra sleep may help you cut back on that need for so much caffeine. Catching a few more hours of sleep every night can also help improve your cognitive thinking and help you make better decisions. Having more sleep can help you make more cost effective decisions on day to day items as well (Brown, Franklin C., Buboltz, Walter C Jr.. “Applying sleep research to university students: Recommendations for developing a student sleep education program.” Journal of College Student Development 3(2002):411. eLibrary. Web. 12 Jun. 2013). In the end, your body and your wallet will thank you if add a few more hours to your bedtime.


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