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5 Jul

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Looking to find funding to help you pay for the college experience?  Money Mission is one resource to seek out. Money Mission is a virtual environment where you build an avatar and “live” in an animated village.  Money Mission is a helpful financial literacy simulation created to strengthen your knowledge and relationship with money while learning about scholarship opportunities.  Who says you can’t have fun while applying for scholarships?

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Photo provided by Money Mission

As a high school senior and freshman in college, I was always seeking out scholarship opportunities as I had to pay my way through Purdue, and considering out-of-state tuition I needed all the help I could get!  I found Money Mission was an opportunity to engage in an interactive gaming experience where I could create and use my avatar to build credits. I was able to use my saved credits to buy cars and stocks, go to the movies, oh, and yes, spend money on clothes and cell phones all in my virtual world.  Even though I held a job since I was sixteen, I previously knew very little about where my money went, and the simulation gave me the tools to be better at achieving more with my money in real life.  At the end of the game, comes the scholarship competition (yes, another essay) and I have a funny story about my Money Mission scholarship experience.

If you want to play the game and uncover the scholarship opportunities, go to Money Mission.  The portal is through a credit union, but if you can’t find your state or your credit union, just pick any state and credit union and it will allow you access to the game without a lot of sign up hassle.  I hope you have fun.  At the end of each Money Mission session, three times a year, Money Mission participants have the opportunity to apply for cash awards by submitting a brief essay about their experience with Money Mission.  The amounts of the scholarships vary from session to session, so we encourage you to check out the current scholarship rules.

Oh, did I share the punch line?  I wasn’t eligible for the scholarship.  Why?  Because, I helped develop the game by participating in focus groups three years ago when my dad, the game’s author, asked me to help.

But YOU can compete! To start your Money Mission, visit First Financial Credit Union.  Click on the Money Mission icon in the left column.  Read and agree to the Money Mission disclaimer and click “Sign In.”  Then click on “Create an Account” in the lower left corner of the sign in page and follow the prompts.  While registering, please select the Mission Code “Boilermakers.”  You’ll be enjoying your Money Mission in no time!

The choices we make with our money will determine the opportunities we have life! Go BoilerMakers!

Written by: Michaeleen H. Metzner, Student in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2014

Money Joe Money Mission

Photo provided by Money Mission

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