6 Student Discounts to Take Advantage Of

3 Jun

Aaron helped start Three Thrifty Guys with his friends Charlie and Mark after being inspired by how they lived their lives “on the thrift”. A designer by day, Aaron was once $40k in debt. After 5 years – he dug himself out and lives to tell about it.

College caused me to stretch my creativity and my money. I learned quickly that clothes don’t just get magically cleaned and textbooks aren’t cheap.Washboard and Pail

Desperate for cash, a roommate of mine once went to the area blood bank and donated his plasma. He returned a bit dazed after fainting, but was a few bucks richer.

The one thing I could count on being there for me during my college years was the good ‘ol “student discount”. I will be forever indebted to the empathetic business owners who took pity on their local college students and gave us a percentage off their food and wares.

Don’t neglect to take advantage of these incentives yourself. Here’s a few that I discovered:

  1. Amazon Student
    Amazon Student is similar to Amazon’s popular Amazon Prime, but it’s exclusively for students.  Students can get 6 months of FREE 2-day shipping on millions of items. They also have access to online videos, books, games, and some products are event FREE. After the 6 month trial Amazon Student is $39 per year until the student graduates (half the price of Prime).
  2. Insurance
    Many students are on their parents’ coverage health, auto, or housing.  If you are looking for your own insurance coverage there are still ways you can save.  If you pay your own insurance and are a good student (typically B average or better) you can generally score some great discounts through your insurance provider.  Contact your provider today to see what student discounts they may offer.
  3. Telephoneiphone
    Be sure to check with your cell phone provider as many of the big carriers provide some type of student discount. They can range anywhere from 6% (from T-Mobile) to as much as 18% from Verizon.
  4. Adobe Software
    One discount I enjoyed taking advantage of was Adobe’s student/teacher mark-downs on their software. These programs typically run well into the hundreds of dollars so picking them up for (sometimes) as much as 80% off retail is a steal.
  5. Food
    The one thing near and dear to many students’ hearts is food. While I wouldn’t recommend eating out a lot, some of the fast-food shops like Burger King, Subway and McDonald’s do offer a 10% discount with valid student IDs. Since these are franchise-operated, you should check first to see if your location offers a discount.
  6. Attractions
    Many attractions will offer discounts to students who show a valid ID, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for things to do or need an escape.

While this list is limited, I recommend asking the establishments you visit if they have a student discount, the least they can say is no. You might be pleasantly surprised. Want more… click to find more student discounts or places to eat cheap.

What discounts do you know of that might help your fellow student?

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