Low Cost Valentine’s Day Activities

11 Feb

Mary Elbert, Health and Human Sciences Extension Educator –  Family Resource Management, Warrick County Extension Director

Heart Shaped Strawberry Cake

Want to do something for your special valentine without breaking the bank?  Try one or more of these low-cost Valentine celebration ideas:

  • Bake Valentine Cookies to decorate and wrap
  • Make homemade Valentines
  • Buy flowers early or late – they will be ½ the cost
  • Cook dinner together and add candles to the dinner table for a special romantic touch heart shaped egg
  • Look for discounted coupons on-line and get your meal for cheap
  • Buy chocolates the day after Valentine’s day and save BIG
  • Leave love notes in unexpected places
  • Walk in the park or go for a hike – gets your heart pumping and can be very romantic
  • Watch a romantic movie at home
  • See a matinée or visit a smaller movie theatre for cheaper prices
  • Go for dessert only & save on meal costs
  • Chocolate covered anything –  fondue party anyone?
  • Low Cost Breakfast for two
  • Create a list of “100 reasons I Love You” – wrap and tie with a bow
  • Write a love poem or story
  • Create a 12 month coupon to redeem on any day – ex.  Foot massage, a back rub

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

hiking trail

hiking trail

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