Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … Indiana Weather

28 Jan

2007 Blizzard at Purdue University

2007 Blizzard at Purdue University

Hannah Stewart, Purdue University Student and Peer Counselor

Whether we like it or not the weather is getting COLDER! This is nothing new for Hoosiers, as the weather changes constantly. Pretty soon, there will be snow on the ground, ice will sneak in, the roads will be hard to drive on and everyone will miss the good ole days of high school when we had two hour delays and snow days. With bad weather comes the temptation of skipping class. I mean, who Family of Snuggies around a firewouldn’t love just sitting at home, snuggled in a blanket (or a Snuggie thank you QVC) with hot chocolate? Here are a couple reasons why this is a bad idea.

First and foremost we are here to be students. Part of being a student is going to class and doing well. This can be hard to do if you keep missing lectures. I know that there are online notes, a class book and of course Google but that doesn’t mean you can use them as a crutch.  Professors often mention valuable things in class that are not cover in online notes, the book, or could be found with a Google search. This is important to note because if your grades start to slip it could cost you more than just that ‘A’. In the end, if your grades fall far enough they can affect your financial aid and even a job opportunity. Part of financial aid is

Professor Morrison Purdue University

making sure you’re participating in class, which some professors do by attendance. Financial aid is also dependent on making Satisfactory Academic Progress towards your degree. So make sure you’re successfully participating.

Unfortunately, in the real world, there are not snow days and two hour delays. Although it stinks, college really is preparing for life after graduation. Excuses like “the weather stunk so I didn’t come in” will not impress your boss and some businesses might not even understand the reason of the roads being bad. A lot of employers think that you should have the foresight and planning to handle this so it doesn’t become a problem. So, although staying at home is much more inviting, we do need to get up and get going even when it is FROZEN outside.Frozen Campus Missouri

Then there is the issue of clothing. You spent how much on those snow boots, winter coat, gloves, hat, and scarf? Are you really just going to let that be a waste? And what about that scarf grandma knitted with all her love for you? Don’t let them be in vain, use them! Now it’s okay to miss a day or two. I mean everyone gets sick (your peers will thank you for staying home) and there are definitely times we just cannot go in. We just can’t make a habit of it. So as much as it stinks, it’s time to put on a jacket and brace for the cold as we head out.

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