Patience: Your Shopping Virtue

2 Oct

Christabel Gutierrez, Financial Aid Counselor at the Division of Financial Aid, Purdue University

You may be keeping up with the latest trends but your wallet is straggling behind. Believe it or not, you CAN go shopping every season and save money at the same time. The answer is off-seasonal shopping!

sale manikin

sale mannequin

By waiting till the end of a season you can find end of the season sales at your favorite stores. These sales range from 10-50% off and they only get better. End of season sales tend to be a couple weeks long. As the end of the sale nears, prices are often reduced to their lowest.

The reasoning: Stores need to clear their inventory to be able to bring in their new lines.

The pros: This is the time where you can stock up on essentials that never go out of style such as: t-shirts, undershirts, undergarments, and jeans.

The cons: However, while the prices drop, so does the inventory of sale items. You may have trouble finding items in your size or your favorite color.

The strategy: Summer is ending and a new fall line is coming out. Don’t get sidetracked! Go to your favorite store and head towards the back where you will find the sale ranks. Stock up on items you know you will use next summer. Flip flops are a perfect example! You essentially have all year to accumulate items for different seasons. It’s winter and that bathing suit you wanted that was over $60 is now >40% off!

So, patience can be a virtue for the size of your now impressive closet and more importantly your wallet.

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