May Top Ten Group Date Ideas

21 May

Julie Slagle

With the smell of summer in the air and graduations season upon us here is May’s Top Ten Group Date Ideas.

At number 10…

  • Take a canoe trip.  You can bring a lunch and picnic on the bank of the river.

At number 9…

  • On June 25th have a half way to Christmas party: set up an artificial tree, or find one in the woods to decorate, cocoa, bring cotton balls to have a snowball fight?

At number 8…

  • Play doubles tennis.

At number 7…

  • Mud football game: always messy, always fun.

At number 6…

  • I still own some golf balls from group dates where we snuck into golf courses and dove for them in the ponds. Not sure that’s legal………. but great memories.

At number 5…

  • Eat dinner with your hands tied to the person next to you.  Napkin anyone?

At number 4…

  • Buy little rubber ducks at the dollar store, have everyone write their name on one and race them down the river. Prizes for first and worst.

At number 3…

  • Smoothies bar! Assign everyone to bring a kind of fruit, ice cream, and yogurt to share.  Chop, blend, enjoy, and repeat.

At number 2…

  • Ice cream sculpting! It’s melting! Melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!

And the number one May Group Date Idea….

  • Wal-Mart Bingo: mullets, curlers in hair, NASCAR shirt, no shoes on kids…call BINGO you win. J

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