Red Box vs. Movie Theater

15 May

Kim Youngblood, Purdue Report Writer/ Data Support Specialist

Movie theater ticket

Movie theater ticket

I am an avid movie theater lover.

Going to the movie theater is no cheap ticket, but it has several valuable benefits.  For example, the built-in surround sound, a screen from ceiling to floor, and comfortable chairs.   For those feature films that have action, great sound effects, and intensity, the movie theater delivers.

The cost of going to a movie theater, outside of the Sunday matinée, is upwards of $9 after 6 p.m.  Yet my theater experience has left me curious about cost efficient ways available to see a featured film.

Beside the cost, another drawback I have experienced is when you watch a movie in a theater; you’re in it for the entire ride of the movie.  Once the film has started, the theater doesn’t give you an option of leaving the room and not missing parts of the movie.  There are no rewinds.

In the last twenty odd years before Red Box, the public was limited to movie theaters and video stores when wanting to see a new film.  We need to step back and find the difference between the two and what we are really paying for.

A person is no longer limited to visiting a video store to rent a movie.  One of the things I like to do is rent a movie from Red Box.  Red Box delivers a home based, come as you are experience.  With Red Box you can get some good releases at your convenience on your terms of a great price.  A price that is less than one admission to a movie theater!

Red Boxes are located at many convenient locations for easy pickup and drop off as standalone rental stations.  They are open 24 hours a day.  You can easily rent  a movie while shopping at the grocery store, buying gas, or even eating out.  The cost is $1.28 per movie if you reserve it online prior to picking it up and $1.00 if you select it without online reservations.  This is all at your fingertips at any Red Box station.  You can find the new releases online or to place reservations for movies at

bucket of popcorn

bucket of popcorn

By renting a movie through Red Box, you can use the money you are saving on a movie theater ticket on popcorn, candy, or an inexpensive dinner for one.  The main plus is dinner is usually during the movie.

Other pluses are having intermissions, being able to check the last scene, and more.  In a theater, there are many limitations where this is not possible.

When determining whether to go out for a movie or watch at home, consider both the cost and the experience.  The first thing is to determine the budget and all items involved that you would like to do.

Who is going with you?  Why are you going?  Is splitting the cost of dinner and a Red Box movie at home possible?

2 Responses to “Red Box vs. Movie Theater”

  1. ackmondual November 16, 2016 at 1:10 AM #

    Another bonus with Red Box (although this extends to rentals really) is that if you have multiple viewers, it’s still the same price. Only limiting factor is couch space, etc. For a couple to a family of 5, there are savings, and they only add up over time.



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    […] in this country. Financial strains force some decisions, such as cooking at home, and grabbing a Redbox. But that same choice can stem from a desire to learn culinary skills, take some time away from […]


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