April’s Top Ten Group Date Ideas

15 Apr

Julie Slagle

Here are ten great date ideas that will help you stay frugal without looking cheap. Drumrrrrrrroll Please!

At number 10…

The Flour Game (pack flour into measuring cup, put plate on top, flip plate over, place a M&M on top, use knife to slice through flour, if you make candy fall, you have to fetch it out with teeth. HILARIOUS game. Bring baby wipes. And a camera!

At number 9…

Human pinball game (hold PVC pipes between every 2 people to make pinball rows, play soccer, but no one can let go to their row of teammates…. so fun.)

At number 8…

Marshmallow Shooters: we used yogurt cups, which are sturdier, but you can make them with your dates, and then have a crazy war.  You might want to plan something else too, because it might get old after a while, but its tons of fun:

At number 7…

The Iron Chef Game: assign everyone in the group to show up with an unusual food in a particular food group (dairy, vegetable, fruit, oil, meat….). If you are cooking in 2 groups, you want to have 2 cheeses, 2 fruits… then take turns letting each group pick first which food item they will use. They have to make main dish, side, and dessert. Have parents (or neighbors, if at college) judged the cook off (presentation, taste, originality…).   It helps to have 2 kitchens for this date for ease of cooking.

At number 6…

Slip n Slide baseball/kickball in the summer (kiddie pools are bases, Slip n Slide into home base)

At number 5…

Bonfire, hotdogs, marshmallows: (play “chubbie bunnies” in this dating game you add marshmallows to your mouth one a time and say “chubbie bunnies” after each one, see how many you can fit…) or play “Murder” around the campfire–you know, where the murderer winks at the guy he wants to kill, and everyone tries to catch him and figure out who is it.

At number 4…

Watch a scary or funny movie as a group outside, with a projector if you can rig it up, or a laptop if that’s easiest.

At number 3…

Have a zombie dinner–everyone dresses up like zombies, eat brains (peel a melon, and carve “brain grooves” into it, or cheese ball with grooves).

At number 2…

Spray your hand with hairspray and set it on fire. JUST KIDDING! That’s just nuts.

And the number 1 group date idea for April….

80’s party anyone? Costumes of course, watch Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, Back to the Future, Ghost Busters, Gremlins, Karate Kid, Footloose, Bill and Ted’s and dress like your favorite characters.

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